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JVL-Consulting has joined the ARTELIA Group


JVL Consulting as a member of the SHER Group has joined the ARTELIA Group, the European leader in private engineering, active in water management, building construction, environment, energy, maritime sector, urban development, transportation, industrial facilities and multi-site projects.

The Managing Board and the staff of SHER Group are proud and happy to inform their clients, partners and suppliers that they joined ARTELIA Group on 15th January 2015

As SHER Group celebrates its 30th Anniversary, the firm has reached a milestone, bringing prospects of a sustained growth and enhancing even further the constant efficacy of its activities. By integrating one of the European leaders in engineering, SHER Group has thus reinforced the overall mastery of its activities and will therefore continue to provide high-quality services for a sustained well-being of the people in the numerous countries where the Group has been active


SHER Group

JVL Consulting s.a. is a Belgian consulting engineering company established in 2008 and which has been a 100% subsidiary firm of SHER Ingénieurs Conseils since 2009. JVL Consulting is specialized in animal health, food safety control, agro-pastoralism, agro-food and animal production, rural development and socio-economy.

Set up in Brussels in 1985, SHER Ingénieurs Conseils s.a is a Belgian consulting engineering company active worldwide. The head office has been established in Namur (Belgium) since 1997. SHER offers multi-field activities in the following fields: irrigation, regional development, hydropower, environment, water resources management, water supply and sanitation. SHER is mainly active in Burundi, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Lao PDR and in Europe.

SHER Consult Ltd is a Rwandan consulting engineering firm created in 2010 and is a 100% subsidiary firm of SHER Ingénieurs Conseils. The company offers similar services to its parent company, giving a particular attention to local connections with its clients and partners in the Great Lakes region and especially in Rwanda.

The permanent staff of the 3 companies of SHER Group represent around 40 employees and its annual turnover exceeds €6MM


ARTELIA Group is the result of a merger between COTEBA and SOGREAH finalized in March 2010 and is fully owned by its managers and employees. The Group staff represents 3200 members, its turnover reaches €352MM, placing ARTELIA Group in the lead of French engineering and project management companies active in building construction, facilities development and environment. ARTELIA Group boasts a network of 42 international subsidiaries established in Europe, Africa, Middle-East, Asia and America.

Being a reference company in building engineering, urban development, transportation, maritime engineering, water management, energy and environment, be it in France or abroad, ARTELIA Group has implemented an external growth policy, which is to be enhanced in 2015. The acquisition of SHER Group brings ARTELIA Group a team of recognized experts specialized in water and development not only in Africa but also worldwide.

This way, ARTELIA maintains its organic and external growth strategy by strengthening its activities in water management, rural development, irrigation, hydropower, and by implementing in the very concrete way the humanist values of the Group. Indeed, the acquisition of SHER will enable ARTELIA to enhance its activities in the Great Lakes region and West Africa, thus improving life conditions of the local population.